Plastic Pollution

is at an all time high, threatening our oceans and contributing to climate change

Amount of Plastic Waste Each Decade per 10,000 tons

Each year, over 30 million tons of plastic waste is generated in the United States alone. By 2020, we are going to start tapering off because we are starting to find unique ways to recycle.

What if we made Clothing From Recycled Bottles?

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Luxury Quality

American Made from Recycled Materials

Bottle Thread takes recycled plastic bottles and turns them into luxury clothing for the environmentally conscious and the fashionable.


This is how we turn bottles into fashion


Never Iron Again

Easy to Take Care of. Great for Traveling.

There's nothing worse than the need to constantly iron and dry clean your clothing. Instead, Bottle Thread shirts are made out of the best form-fitting material that doesn't easily wear out, breathes, and maintains it shape throughout the day. You'll never have to iron these shirts because they don't wrinkle in the first place.


All day comfort

Perfect for work. Goes with Everything.

Bottle Thread believes in fashion that is comfortable, durable, and stylish. Our clothing is perfect for those long days at work, or trips on end. Super comfortable. Hyper-breathable. Feel good about clothing that is made to fit.

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Travel Anywhere

The Perfect Travel Shirt

Bottle Thread shirts are made to take with you on trips all over the globe. Developed by sustainability majors with a drive for traveling, we know what it's like to only live out of a suitcase. Live minimally. Live in style. Go anywhere you want to travel and help the environment.

I love, love, love the feel of this shirt. It goes with basically everything in my closet. Totally worth it. Ordered Three!
— Evalynn rated her shirt with 5 stars

Made in the USA

Bottle Thread is a proud supporter of American manufacturing. Our clothing strives to help the environment while also providing American jobs.



Developed by a team of Sustainability majors, Bottle Thread is committed to producing the best quality and most affordable clothing, without compromising the environment.

Made Ethically

Our shirts are made with love and care. Bottle Thread uses American Manufacturers to provide the best possible quality without sacrificing the rights of workers and the community.

100% Fit Guarantee

We want to make sure you have the best shopping experience possible with Bottle Thread. We’re confident you’ll love the fit, feel, and style of our shirts Returns and Exchanges are 100% free of charge.