The Bottle Thread Mission

Our Commitment to Sustainable Fashion

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Bottle Thread was created to provide more sustainable clothing options for minimalists, environmentalists, and the stylish. There is so much clothing waste which is impacting our ecosystems and contributing to climate change. By creating more durable clothing, we hope to reduce the overall textile waste with more sustainable fashion.

Bottle Thread was created by a team of Sustainability majors to help address textile waste in the fashion industry. We are committed to creating clothing that can stand up against the fast trends, and wear of everyday life. Our goal is to encourage a minimalist clothing movement, while still providing our customers with the best quality eco-friendly clothing at a reasonable price.

Sustainability is achieved when there is balance between the economy, the environment, and the rights of people. Bottle Thread is dedicated to these core values in order to provide the best possible product for the right price without compromising the rights of people or the environment.